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Diary Entry -Reflection on 21/12/2013

For the First time in my life, I found myself the inconsiderate one,

Generally its me, who has to put up with my friends, Inconsiderate behavior (ie smoking around me (I don’t smoke), inviting me to something basically just to use me as a chauffeur or the worst one ‘expecting me to participate in drinking games with a communal cup, just because everyone else there is’. 1st off I hardly drink and then only the light stuff, secondly I’m driving home afterwards, and thirdly ‘a shared cup’ that’s just so amazingly unhygienic.

Up till this point in my life, I’ve always considered myself the sane/considerate one, however one evening that all changed. I’ve always known I’m a bit or grump when i’m tired “who isn’t” and that I tend to rant on an on a bit about trivial things at times, but I’d never noticed myself being truly inconsiderate before this particular outing. worst of all, I didn’t pick up on it right away.

I have no excuse, I was extremely out of what I consider to be “my character” on this day.

Diary Entry -Reflection on 21/12/2013 Part Two “The Cause”

Sure I’d had a pint of beer before hand, and the heat of summer was getting to me. (erratic sleep, less appetite, not drinking enough water etc).
But nothing I consider a valid excuse for the way I behaved/acted with my friend that day.

So I started looking at other potential causes.

1. Learning to Lead: Perhaps I was being too assertive, My friend if anything is both shyer and more reserved than me, so for a change I found myself in a ‘alpha’ /lead role. This year trying to learn how to lead for the first time has and still is quite challenging. (apparently if you don’t want too remain a single guy all your life, at some point your going to have to learn to lead, women expect it.)

2. Problem Solving/Correcting All My life I’ve enjoyed solving puzzles, problems as well as pointing out glaring errors or things that don’t add up. Generally I am helping someone or at-least not doing anyone any harm with my observations (ie pointing out an error in a piece of writing or art) “perhaps I was too critical”.

Diary Entry -Reflection on 21/12/2013 Part Three “Realization”

Confidence: Another thing I’ve been working on in the later half of this year, for a similar reason to leadership. With increased confidence I am finding it easier to express an opinion, especially those contrary to ones just raised, however it appears this comes with unforeseen and previously unseen drawbacks.

Diet Change: for the first 26 years of my life I’ve kept an abysmal diet, I struggle to put on weight, so was always skinny but now I found myself wanting to gain weight “muscle mostly” so have changed my diet drastically and begun exercising for that reason.

Subconsciously now I somehow feel ‘superior’ to people that don’t exercise or eat properly and then complain how they can’t do or wear certain things because of the their figure or level of fitness. “Was this life overhaul making me less sympathetic to worries of people that didn’t ? (ie: me for 26 years”) Yes I believe it was ‘now that I realized just how easy it was’ I expected everyone to do it at some level and this fact scares me.

Rich Poor People -The Beginning

“Curse the Zimbabweans” thought Zac folding his three of a kind.

The year was 3045 and surprisingly the game of poker still remained a mystery to those that played it.

The latest Global recession and biggest since the early 21st century, had begun to have a profound impact on every nation on the planet, bar one.

2945 was the year it all began, centuries after the death of Mugabe and mere weeks after the introduction of the then world Record “trillion Dollar note”,the Zimbabweans just happened to stumble upon the one raw mineral that could save the planet from it’s apparently inevitable extinction.

A rare celery seed that when soaked in olive oil over time and in a sufficient volume produced a gas capable of canceling-out the effects of the green house gases that had been corroding the planet.

Overnight this discovery had rescinded their status as the world’s poorest nation and by the end of the decade had made every single member of there resident population a multi-zillionaire.

Diary entry – Social Media/Networking

Today it occurred to me .

The advent of Social Media in this information age, has actually hamstrung me and many people like me with less than fully developed social skills that would otherwise be obtained through networking via traditional methods. This lack translates to a lack of confidence which in turn prevents us meeting people in the traditional way (at a bar, club, even through a friend).

Don’t get me wrong i’m not a total sociophobe, I’m the captain of my works touch team and play social soccer once a week with the guys, so once I get to know people or am in a familiar place or situation i’m as sociable as the next guy.

But take me out of this environment, I become as unsociable as the NZ minister for education discussing the resounding success that is Novopay.

While the advent of social media is not solely to blame, it has become a large component of my everyday comm’s, ahead of phone calls, e-mail and even SMS now days.

New Long Term Goal: Break Social Network strangle hold.

Diary Entry -Future

What comes next, what am I supposed to do, should I be close to my life goals or far far away still.

When does the next stage of my life begin, will I find love, when do I make the decision that sets me off on the next predetermined path in my life.

Who am I supposed to be, am I supposed to be me or someone much much different, am I Vashau Taslet, Vaughan Taylor. Who made me me, can anyone make you, You!
Am I just one of many seemingly unique ornaments of the human race.

How do I achieve my potential, how does one define potential, have I fulfilled my potential, or does much more lie waiting within, yet to be discovered.

Where do I go from here, is this up to me, does where I was born, grew up and learnt to love, really matter at all.

The Future is near, the future is far, one thing that’s certain is I’ll be a part of it, though How long for,Where I’ll be and What I’ll attain,from the fruits of this future, and that of the past shall determine Who I’ll become, and How I will be remembered.

Grand Space Lemmings

Splat!, Splat!, Splat!

“Not Again!”
“What am i doing wrong?” thought Zandros the Demi-god as he watched in real-time as yet another of his creature creations committed mass suicide off the continents lone cliff.

“Why do they do it?”
Invoking pause, Zandros considered the final barrier to his graduation from the Academy of Deities.

Zandros had to come up with a template for a new space-faring race, capable of colonizing a regular sized Galaxy within three millenniums, else like many who’d failed before him, spend the rest of eternity panel-beating asteroids or having to man the interstellar star-wash.

Not relishing the thought of polishing an infinite number of stars, Zandros was expectantly desperate to clear this final hurdle to full godhood.

Rewinding the scene in front of him, Zandros returned to the task at hand.
Trying to turn a race akin to that off fanatical Lemmings during the peak of migration season, into a well coordinated and entrepreneurial planet colonizing empire.

“Could it be done?”

Perils Of Advancement

Daniel John Jacobson, Lord-Emperor of the known universe and soon to be former Warlord of no less than 15 galaxies, studied the dragon hide interior of his empires most powerful starship the Saphire Phantom contemplating his races final hours, when Sergai a longtime friend and captain of his guard approached from behind.

“I miss the days when I was still a knight, Serg. Ignorant of all the lands beyond that of my liege lords estate and surrounding duchies. Serg, ’don’t you miss those times, life was much simpler then.”
‘Knowing you as well as I do sire” Sergai said with a grin “had you wed the carpenters daughter on that night so long ago, i don’t doubt, we’d be in a similarly trying position, to that which we find ourselves in this day.”

“Trying”, Daniel chuckled “The Trident Gods we’ve awakened can propel entire star constellations at us, “I think trying my old friend, may be understating it.” “We’ll see M’lord” replied Sergai watching as the Red Dwarf that had been tracking them raced towards them.

Diary Entry -Life of a Contractor “The Morning”

‘Not again!’ thought Vaughan as he rose out of bed. Yet again he’d wasted the perfect opportunity to make some serious inroads into the log jam of the mental To-Do list he had set the day before.

It was already 11:30 am on a Sunday and just like all the mornings before, he’d risen just as everyone else in his household were enjoying lunch. ‘Curse you Winter’ he rationalized before admitting too himself, that the real issue was that he was staring down a third week of disappointment.Prior to the weekend, he’d held on to the hope that his now former work, would honor their offer and have found the money they needed to keep him and his work mate on.

“The end of July, they’d promised us!” he reflected as he left his room and considered the prospect of joining the unemployment queue yet again, after barely 6 months as a member of his countries working class.

Blaming himself for thinking he’d be unaffected by the globe wide recession, he walked down the Hall as he pondered his next move.. To be continued