Diary Entry -Future

What comes next, what am I supposed to do, should I be close to my life goals or far far away still.

When does the next stage of my life begin, will I find love, when do I make the decision that sets me off on the next predetermined path in my life.

Who am I supposed to be, am I supposed to be me or someone much much different, am I Vashau Taslet, Vaughan Taylor. Who made me me, can anyone make you, You!
Am I just one of many seemingly unique ornaments of the human race.

How do I achieve my potential, how does one define potential, have I fulfilled my potential, or does much more lie waiting within, yet to be discovered.

Where do I go from here, is this up to me, does where I was born, grew up and learnt to love, really matter at all.

The Future is near, the future is far, one thing that’s certain is I’ll be a part of it, though How long for,Where I’ll be and What I’ll attain,from the fruits of this future, and that of the past shall determine Who I’ll become, and How I will be remembered.

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