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Vaughan Taylor



  • IT Consultant/Solutions Architect-   Optimize IT.
  • Mobile and IP Core -Network Analyst for  Spark NZ

My Writing

Firstly a warning to any potential avid readers of my work out there,
“I write my pieces as much for myself as you the reader”, so where it may seem my pieces don’t appear to make much sense, like some crucial detail is missing, this is impart due this or the fact I’m a hobbyist writer whose writing style is to start with an idea and then work sideways or backwards(write prequels) from there. I can assure you however it will all come together in the end.    All comments, questions and feedback are both welcome and encouraged.


  • I’m an Agnostic Theist,  which means although I believe that a supreme being exists, I also believe that that is an irrational belief and one that I could never prove or provide evidence for, It is for my personal benefit to believe what I do.
  • Money may buy a certain level of lifestyle, but it’s Social Capital that makes Everyone richer.

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