What If

Many people have asked me over the last few months, why I’ve chosen to take 6 months off work, and what am i going to do with this time, and i’ve not been able to give them a satisfactory answer, primarily because they don’t understand my passions or what drives me, nor should i expect them too, and also because they were asking the wrong question “I am not taking 6 months off work” I am giving myself 6 months to find and discover what I actually want to do with the rest of adult life, “having 6 months away from work is just one of many bi-products of this choice”

Previously I have been trying and failing to justify my choice with people who can only relate my choices in relation to there own desires and understanding, often suggesting the same solution “why not just change jobs if you feeling unfulfilled, their is no need to eat through your savings.” There’s my problem right there, everyone sees an 8-5 job as an essential part of life and never ‘seriously considers any alternatives (they always have a good excuse though, but not me anymore).

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What a New Years

Been off the boil with updates for what seems like forever now, but this trip was so off the hook, i had to have a permanent record of it (stole your videos tim) don’t be mad 😉

Killer New Years Guys


Sudeep Chavda
Timothy Sadumiano
Peter Sheppard
Abby Purcell
Christina Mitchell-Burnard
Paul Hockin