Vietnam Day 6

Dual Tailored Pickup day.

After Enjoying my biggest breakfast to date, i decided to relax a bit in our Hotel room, before heading to the Shoe Tailors first at 12pm.

Putting the shoes on, “with my orthotics already in place” they didn’t appear to be any different to any other pair of new shoes i’d ever¬†tried on before (what did i expect?, ¬†no idea). ¬†Given they fitted and they looked liked i’d requested I decided I should probably pay them(photos below).

CameraZOOM-20141108080510833 CameraZOOM-20141108080525236 CameraZOOM-20141108080533532

placng my new shoes in my pack, I headed over to Kimmy Tailors to Pick up my Suits and Shirts and  after checking the final modifications to my trousers had been carried out,  I completed the purchase of these also .

As ¬†a result of my suspected future luggage issues, and to preserve my suits, I’ve decided not to take my newly tailored clothing out of its compressed/ and protective packaging for photos, as i know there is just no way i’d get it all packed back in and ready for transport as well as it is presently. ¬† So these snaps will have to suffice for now.

CameraZOOM-20141108075415193 CameraZOOM-20141108075458568 CameraZOOM-20141108075700080 CameraZOOM-20141108075751680 CameraZOOM-20141108075806122 CameraZOOM-20141108075937425

It was about 2pm by the time we had ¬†finished at the Tailors, so now despite carting around both my New Shoes, as well as 5 Shirts, three pairs of trousers, and two coats, we decided to find somewhere to grab¬†lunch, rather than take a Taxi straight back ¬†“which would have been logical” but i ¬†wasn’t complaining, Mark offered to carry my clothes for me, “I suspect as a result of having made me wait so long in the Lobby, while ¬†he chatted to the Tailor regarding his new Shorts he’d decided to get done a bit last minute.

we had ¬†lunch at “Morning Glory” ¬† the first and probably only ¬†restaurant name I’ve recalled after having¬†walked back out.

funny that Business’s with Vietnemese names just ain’t as memorable to a Westerner, how ¬†odd ¬†ūüôā .

For lunch Today i had yet another Frozen Coffee Concoction alongside, what passes for a Tradional Vietnemse Regional Soup from these parts

CameraZOOM-20141107134344238 CameraZOOM-20141107134415091 CameraZOOM-20141107135411858 CameraZOOM-20141107140358936 CameraZOOM-20141107141104561

I found the Soup ¬†incredibly hot at first ¬†“must have had some sort of Chilli powder in it” ¬† ¬†But I got through in in the end. ¬† On that note I’d like ¬†to point out, that despite ¬†how Fussy i am in New Zealand, to date I have¬†finished ¬†every meal I have started. ¬†So either the food here better suits my palllet, or overnight I’ve suddenly acquired a taste for random vegatables, ¬†Bizarre.

After Quietly Chuckling, while we observed how Ice ¬†was delivered to the Restaurant. ¬†“The delivery Men wear some sort of raincoat to protect themselves from the constant outpouring of water from the Huge bags they lug inside. ¬† we decided we should probably call a Taxi, and get my Recent Purchases back home “the locals had been increasing fervent, (it was already nuts at times) in trying to sell us stuff since they’d seen we’d ¬†been carrying freshly tailored Suits , from a local top Tailor. ¬†(there’s advertising all over the carry bags).

Not long after getting back, we went for another swim, ¬†just like we’d done in days Prior, before ¬†relaxing for ¬†a bit and heading out to the Local Food Markets, ¬†to¬†grab dinner from one of the local stalls.

a local woman, very quickly grabbed mark and convinced us to eat at her establishement, while not long after another local came over with a drinks menu “later we found out this ¬†was from a seperate establishment”. ¬†Given the woman only sold food she didn’t seem to mind essentially her competition selling us their goods while we sat down at her store. ¬†And thats essentially what alot of these street tores ¬†and merchents ¬†where. it still amazes me how courteous the Locals are to their ccompetition, ¬†i would have expected a bit ¬†more ¬†customer Poaching to go on, ¬†but havn’t seen a bar of ¬†it anywhere.

Anyway this ¬†woman cooked us one of Her Specials ¬†“MI QUANG” ¬†for 20,000 Dong ¬†each ¬†(about $1.20 NZD) the same price the other establishment charged for each of My Drinks, ¬†“Started to suspect I was robbed on those,” haha I just love how cheap stuff is here.


CameraZOOM-20141107191447419 CameraZOOM-20141107191749066 CameraZOOM-20141107191806396 CameraZOOM-20141107191845991 CameraZOOM-20141107192058702

for a $1.20 NZD that was one great amount of good tasting food.

After talking to the locals a bit more and checking out a few more roadside  craft shops, we headed back via a slightly different route, so I could try out a partculer Local Coffee House.

CameraZOOM-20141107200024913 CameraZOOM-20141107200524010 CameraZOOM-20141107200533716 CameraZOOM-20141107201041584

Unfortunatly for me i accidently ordered the Iced Variety of the Coffee I’d asked for ,Because when the waitress had said “Cold” I thought she had actually said “whole” ¬†(as in did i want Whole Milk).

Oh well guess i’ll have to come back tommorow, as i’d ¬†just spent the last of my local currency till I visited¬†another ATM.

4 thoughts on “Vietnam Day 6”

  1. wow flash. shoes look very classy. Keep them locked away out of sight.. food looks great. I am glad you are trying some of the local cousine. the long jump cracks me up each time i go to your webpage!!!! awesome.

    1. Had a bit of a Mishap on Day 7, and then the Cambodia Leg was so busy i decided it wasn’t worth the effort required to try and catch up on my entries, so will instead post location summaries later, either from Fiji or when I’m back in the country.

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