Mace’s Time Bubble

Projecting a time bubble, around one’s self or a stationery object wasn’t an issue for Mace, but collapsing one externally before it had even fully formed, was proving to be one.

He didn’t know how it had happened but somehow a dragons egg had found its way into his longtime nemesis’s backpack, and had hatched while within his “time acceleration” bubble.

“How else was he supposed to deal with an indestructible adversary, without the use of time magic” Mace thought to himself, the prophecy had warned of a great power being born as a result of uncontrolled time magic, but Mace never suspected he’d cause it, how could he?

Soon, Mace would have an even greater problem then before. As its tail and wings began to encroach on the edge of the bubble, Mace pondered the one silver lining, the fact his old adversary was now mere bones among cloth. Although he would be to soon, if he couldn’t collapse this bubble before the newly hatched young dragon fully matured, and broke free on its own.

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