Pyrodynamics (another very old piece, I thought I’d share)

‘There is just no way that is ever going to work Johnson!’
Proclaimed Alex as he boarded the 737, that would take them to Oxford University for their one-off guest appearance

in one of Dr Featherston’s renowned lectures. They had been discussing the theory of carrying fire around in a sort of bottle as a portable heating device, Dr steven johnson was certain it was achievable, and even potentially marketable, but his esteemed associate had his share of doubts. Namely where would it get it’s oxygen supply from, he had been thoroughly unconviced that johnson’s argument of a reverse release valve, that only permitted oxygen in to the container, was a practical solution.

Silently praying his long time colleague would not attempt to demonstrate his most recent prototype amidst the lecture. Alex began to plan what he could do, should god forbid his prayers not be answered, and their solid reputations ruined in the long standing field of Pyrodynamics.

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