Assassins Apprentice

Slowly filing down the remaining defects observed upon his blade, Ace watched on as his apprentice, went about the after battle routine.

Trying not to laugh, Ace reflected on his days polishing and prepping his masters blades , many years prior, back in the days when each apprentice would fashion their own masters blades from the founding Rune-stone, and then for the life of the wielder, attempt to maintain it.

Since the loss of the Rune-stone the order had taken to making its weapons from more traditional materials, however these materials, often of a lower quality, where much more susceptible to cracking and/or chipping. Such that, even the most well maintained blades, eventually became little more than a hilted bread knife.

His apprentices persistence in attempting to restore his blade to its original state, was admirable but Ace new ultimately pointless, as Ace’s need for such a weapon, was at it’s end.

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