Rain of Destiny -Entrance to the Courtyard

The rain was nothing like Larry or Peri had ever seen before, it curved, arched and twisted through the air as if it was alive, before appearing to evaporate the moment it touched the earth.

Peri was so overawed with this sight before him, he’d taken to preceding up the path on foot, a very rare occurrence for the most worldly of falcons.

Surveying the inner courtyard, Larry hoped this place housed what they where looking for, else the cryptic he’d found earlier was indeed a fake, and they had wasted what precious time remained to find the ancient scroll.Wondering where all the rain was coming from, given their great depth below sea level, Barker the now almost fully grown Grey Lupin returned from having artfully disguised their trail, should those who’d ambushed them earlier find their way out of their masterly crafted containment.

Nearing the precipice of the path, Larry began to wonder, was this it, had his whole life been building up to this moment, would what he saw over the horizon define him.

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