Clergy Chaos

Ignoring all protocol, and the countless priests and priestesses that had attempted to bar his entry, Barker came bounding in, flakes of snow flying off his coat in all directions, with his near frozen paws clapping solidly against the Southern Citadels, tiled floor.

Many months had passed but it had finally happened, the crypt had opened, and their brief window of opportunity to access the great library was already closing.

Larry and his council where deep in communion with the Head Prior,with Peri off on a separate mission, the task fell to Barker to relay this information to his master.

Not a single member of the old orders clergy’s prayers remained undisturbed as Barker very quickly made his way from the main northern entrance to the very rear of the structure where he believed his master to be

Crossing into the main Antechamber, he quickly came to a sudden stop as several well hidden crossbows became trained immediately ahead of him.

Frozen in place, Barker considered his options.

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