The talks had been progressing well, but for the life of him Peri had no idea what was being said. Not that he was overly concerned, as his task was almost complete and he’d be back on his way, enjoying hot duck tail stew in no time.

Peri gazed down, expecting any day now to receive the parchment detailing the terms that had been accepted and news that CLING! DONG!! CRASH!!! Peri suddenly found himself airborne but not in the usual way, as a falling tower bell absolutely destroyed the side railing, narrowly missing where Peri was perched a moment earlier and leaving the sound sensitive falcon very shook up, unable to avoid the rest of the tower coming down around him.

Reemerging from the rubble and taking to the skies, surprisingly none the worse for wear Peri’s first thought was ‘my Messenger Capsule is missing’, odd given how tightly it had been strapped on, of greater concern though was what he’d just observed of the meeting hall, or more accurately the large amount of rubble now in its place.

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