Diary entry – Social Media/Networking

Today it occurred to me .

The advent of Social Media in this information age, has actually hamstrung me and many people like me with less than fully developed social skills that would otherwise be obtained through networking via traditional methods. This lack translates to a lack of confidence which in turn prevents us meeting people in the traditional way (at a bar, club, even through a friend).

Don’t get me wrong i’m not a total sociophobe, I’m the captain of my works touch team and play social soccer once a week with the guys, so once I get to know people or am in a familiar place or situation i’m as sociable as the next guy.

But take me out of this environment, I become as unsociable as the NZ minister for education discussing the resounding success that is Novopay.

While the advent of social media is not solely to blame, it has become a large component of my everyday comm’s, ahead of phone calls, e-mail and even SMS now days.

New Long Term Goal: Break Social Network strangle hold.

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