Grand Space Lemmings

Splat!, Splat!, Splat!

“Not Again!”
“What am i doing wrong?” thought Zandros the Demi-god as he watched in real-time as yet another of his creature creations committed mass suicide off the continents lone cliff.

“Why do they do it?”
Invoking pause, Zandros considered the final barrier to his graduation from the Academy of Deities.

Zandros had to come up with a template for a new space-faring race, capable of colonizing a regular sized Galaxy within three millenniums, else like many who’d failed before him, spend the rest of eternity panel-beating asteroids or having to man the interstellar star-wash.

Not relishing the thought of polishing an infinite number of stars, Zandros was expectantly desperate to clear this final hurdle to full godhood.

Rewinding the scene in front of him, Zandros returned to the task at hand.
Trying to turn a race akin to that off fanatical Lemmings during the peak of migration season, into a well coordinated and entrepreneurial planet colonizing empire.

“Could it be done?”

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