Diary Entry -Life of a Contractor “The Morning”

‘Not again!’ thought Vaughan as he rose out of bed. Yet again he’d wasted the perfect opportunity to make some serious inroads into the log jam of the mental To-Do list he had set the day before.

It was already 11:30 am on a Sunday and just like all the mornings before, he’d risen just as everyone else in his household were enjoying lunch. ‘Curse you Winter’ he rationalized before admitting too himself, that the real issue was that he was staring down a third week of disappointment.Prior to the weekend, he’d held on to the hope that his now former work, would honor their offer and have found the money they needed to keep him and his work mate on.

“The end of July, they’d promised us!” he reflected as he left his room and considered the prospect of joining the unemployment queue yet again, after barely 6 months as a member of his countries working class.

Blaming himself for thinking he’d be unaffected by the globe wide recession, he walked down the Hall as he pondered his next move.. To be continued

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