It was late afternoon when yet again! Peri found himself in one of the many multi-windowed enclosures he called home. For no other reason than, too simply disguise the fact that in reality, he like the many royal falcons in training around him, had nowhere, they in fact could call home.

Peri had just arrived at the penultimate stop of his round-trip, ArdiMalt station. A journey they’d completed many times before, around the 16 outermost border stations that provided the advanced warning for all of the confederacy.

On this occasion however, Peri had arrived just in time to see the three largest birds in his class, chowing down on what appeared to be the remains of a large white duck.

He’d wondered why these three were always in such a hurry to return to their respective cages, assuming they just liked to show off. Finally understanding why, Peri wished he’d worked it out sooner, as he pecked away at the four day old Gamma worms he’d received.

Before they all began the longest ‘homeward’ leg at sundown.

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