Dry Respite

Flipper shaking, tentatively making his way to the mark, hoisting the crossbow over one shoulder, Larry took aim from within the Keep’s practice ground, at the desert sprite zip-zapping around within the vast Keep’s courtyard’s walls, as it attempted to gain sufficient traction in order to make good its escape.

Vessels of water had been placed at varying locations of the ground in such a way, that the water addicted sprite would always remain in range of the marksman, but with just the right amount of water to prevent the sprite staying in any one place for to long.

See the Desert Sprite, as it has come to be known, was found exclusively within desserts, and as lived by where there is water, drink it. Even though a single sprite was rumored to be able to survive months on end without water, it was a stupid critter that had never adjusted to it’s new habitat despite many millenniums of bountiful water supplies every summer and spring.

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