Camped on the edge of the Eternal West Forest waiting for the weather to clear.

Larry the 25th Leader of the Great Penguin Tribes watched on, as his son played with their pet Lupun pup ‘Barker’,forming a ball of ice between his wings and throwing it repeatedly for the pup to scamper after and retrieve.

If only life was still so simple Larry muttered under his breath, recalling the most difficult decision he knew he would ever make and soon.

He could, either ensure his races survival, leaving the sole heir of his people an orphan and alone mere weeks after losing his mother. A fact Larry himself hadn’t yet fully come to terms with. Or willingly condemn an entire people he was sworn to protect, to centuries of anguish and watch-on as they traveled down the inevitable road to extinction, just so one could be spared the trauma of losing both parents before his 5th birthday.
Larry’s mind was in a state of turmoil but he knew what he must do.
He’ll never understand, he’s too young he’ll never forgive me.

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