Larry was still contemplating how he was going to break the news to his son, when he felt something cold and wet, strike him just below the beak. Turning his head slightly Larry watched as his son dived for cover, attempting to hide between Barker and his fathers glare. While the pup, now with a bemused look on its face, froze as it contemplated whether it was required to retrieve the ball for its equally young master, which now resided beside his much larger masters left flipper. Or wait in the hope his other master would solve his conundrum for him by throwing the ball for Barker to retrieve, thus continuing the game.

Fortunately for the pup the latter became a reality, and before he knew it, Barker found himself very quickly descending a rather steep and hazardous ravine, to the spot where, by his calculation moments before, the ball of ice should have landed.

With light fading fast and no sign of the ball anywhere. What was he to do, he simply couldn’t return empty handed admitting failure, could he?

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