Flying mere inches above the highest treetop, of what Lars ‘his handler’ and his people referred to as the Eternal West Forest, Peri the Royal Falcon was just glad to be out and about for a change with a chance to stretch his wings, which when fully extended reached an enviable 100cm across ‘the minimum requirement for a Royal Falcon’, and rare for his species.

After more than three straight summer’s of endless training exercises, most of which concluded with him being returned to his cage for an overly protracted period of time.
Too Peri, even this minor freedom was enough to lift his spirits for he had finally been entrusted with his first official message, ‘a parchment of unparalleled importance’ Lars had told him, though he didn’t much care for the weight of its accompanying shinny metal container Peri knew it was a great honor to be given such a responsibility, when messages such as these were usually reserved for his larger cousins the Gyrfalcon the largest and most robust falcon in all the Land.

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