Vietnam Day 4

Our first day in Hoi An city was a bit of a Lazy day,  after moving about so much of late, its nice to be somewhere we can properly explore for a change, its here we are thinking of hiring a scooter later in the week to see what we can find, there appear to be many seperate and winding paths only wide enough for scooter or bicycles so will see where some of them lead.

Forgetting I was now sharing a room, I forgot to turn off my audible alarm clock overnight, and my “automated” alarm woke both me and my Travel buddy Mark up earlier than either one of us would have liked. As a result we only actually arose out of bed with about 10 mins left to grab breakfast “breakfast closes at 10am we’d been told”.

I’ll probably post some more photos tommorow, was to busy eating to worry about to many photos this morning

CameraZOOM-20141106090318575 CameraZOOM-20141106090311392

The breakfast selections at all our accommodations have been great, and Hai Au Hotel  is no exception.  they offer a buffet like spread and you just help yourself,  i remember when I traveled to Vanuatu in 2012 i struggled to eat anything in the mornings over there,  and back home I  frequently skip breakfast altogether or just have cereal, not so here, so the next question is  just how much weight “primarily muscle i hope” am i going to put on, now that I’ve just been measured up by the tailors for my multiple tailored clothing purchases.

Here are some pics of our Accommodation for the next 4 days, and the view from our Balcony.

After breakfast  I spent a good portion of the morning Uploading/sorting all my videos and photos taken to date and trying to write  down all the key happenings of each day before I lose them in the constant hussle and bussle that is Overseas Travel, in the process i lost track of  time while i was doing this ended up having a rather late room service lunch (it was 3pm), before going for a swim in our Hotels Pool, I’m quite surprised me and Mark were the only ones using it, given how hot it is constantly throughout the day.

After our swim we walked further into town to find a local restaurant.   I took this  oppurtunity to photograph their menu, just to show  how cheap the food can be here

1NZD = about 16,500 vnd   (Vietnemese Dong)

CameraZOOM-20141105183712644 CameraZOOM-20141105182554793 CameraZOOM-20141105180731545 CameraZOOM-20141105180637673 CameraZOOM-20141105180646605 CameraZOOM-20141105180656974 CameraZOOM-20141105180702260 CameraZOOM-20141105180723611


The weather turned on us while we were eating, so we had to catch a cab back.    Look what can happen in less than 30mins,  with no sign of rain prior.

Caught in the Rain

Uploaded by Vaughan Taylor on 2014-11-08.

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