Final Pickup

After hours of circling the locksmiths abode scanning for the latest secret entrance, PeriĀ finally dove for the slightest of cracks that had just now presented itself becoming ever wider as the former royal falconĀ made his approach, before disappearing completely once Peri was inside. Ā Allen was known for playing games with his secret entrances, but this one had taken Peri much much longer than normal, Ā and this fact ruffled his feathers even more than usual.

Allen loved testing his visitors and Peri was no exception, in fact Allen had been saving this particular entrance for this particular moment, deeming it exceeding unlikely he would ever see his favorite “Hide and Seek” adversary again. Peri the ever unwilling participant, reluctantly dawdled over to the ever presentĀ tray of nourishment/Bird bath and allowed himself to relax for the first time in what seemed like months.

If Allen has one thing going for him besides his locksmithing skills, thought Peri its that he always knew exactly who was coming, when and also by what means. Apparently Barker once had to tunnel up from underground during a previous pickup, how he’d accomplished this feet,Peri had failed to ask. Now staring at the apparent solid and ancient looking polished rock floor before him, Peri began to suspect and not for the first time that Allen must dabble in magic of some extent, else he’s the most gifted craftsmen of this and maybe any century.

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