Run Barker Run.

*BOOM* *click* *click* *THUD* *THUD*

Suddenly Barker was roused very quickly from his sleep as 10 tonnes of solid snow/ice fell on him from far above.
Barker, having spend the night under the southern citadel, looked straight up at the new gaping hole in the mountain citadels floor, covering his eyes with his paws as suddenly an ever increasing brightness filled the cavern, reflecting and deflecting of the varying surfaces of ice around him.

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What If

Many people have asked me over the last few months, why I’ve chosen to take 6 months off work, and what am i going to do with this time, and i’ve not been able to give them a satisfactory answer, primarily because they don’t understand my passions or what drives me, nor should i expect them too, and also because they were asking the wrong question “I am not taking 6 months off work” I am giving myself 6 months to find and discover what I actually want to do with the rest of adult life, “having 6 months away from work is just one of many bi-products of this choice”

Previously I have been trying and failing to justify my choice with people who can only relate my choices in relation to there own desires and understanding, often suggesting the same solution “why not just change jobs if you feeling unfulfilled, their is no need to eat through your savings.” There’s my problem right there, everyone sees an 8-5 job as an essential part of life and never ‘seriously considers any alternatives (they always have a good excuse though, but not me anymore).

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What a New Years

Been off the boil with updates for what seems like forever now, but this trip was so off the hook, i had to have a permanent record of it (stole your videos tim) don’t be mad ūüėČ

Killer New Years Guys


Sudeep Chavda
Timothy Sadumiano
Peter Sheppard
Abby Purcell
Christina Mitchell-Burnard
Paul Hockin

New Year, New Post

Seems I somewhat lost my blogging mojo after day 7 of my 4 week South Asia Tour.

Still have plenty of photos video and insights to add from my adventures over this period, just been prioritizing other elements in my Life.

Expect many more entries and site updates over the coming Month and Year ūüėČ

This years going to be a good one, I can just feel it already.


Yes,  thats a real Live Tiger

Vietnam Day 7

Scooter Hire

So today we decided to hire scooters after lunch, I’d handed over all my dirty laundry for the trip¬†to date over the day¬†before, so was hoping to get some of it back before we headed out, ¬†but that wasn’t to be so we headed out anyway. ¬†We both requested manual scooters, and after a while of me trying to figure out how to change down gears “the scooters had a separate gear peddle for changing down” ¬†though you could also generally change down with the main gear peddle like i’m used to it just required a lot more effort and apparently also has some limitations,¬†the rear gear peddle while much easier was in a horribly inconvenient position for someone used to changing gears with their toes only.

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Vietnam Day 6

Dual Tailored Pickup day.

After Enjoying my biggest breakfast to date, i decided to relax a bit in our Hotel room, before heading to the Shoe Tailors first at 12pm.

Putting the shoes on, “with my orthotics already in place” they didn’t appear to be any different to any other pair of new shoes i’d ever¬†tried on before (what did i expect?, ¬†no idea). ¬†Given they fitted and they looked liked i’d requested I decided I should probably pay them(photos below).

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Vietnam Day 4

Our first day in Hoi An city was a bit of a Lazy day,  after moving about so much of late, its nice to be somewhere we can properly explore for a change, its here we are thinking of hiring a scooter later in the week to see what we can find, there appear to be many seperate and winding paths only wide enough for scooter or bicycles so will see where some of them lead.

Forgetting I was now sharing a room, I forgot to turn off my audible alarm clock overnight, and my “automated” alarm woke both me and my Travel buddy Mark up earlier than either one of us would have liked.¬†As a result we only actually arose out of bed with about 10 mins left to grab breakfast “breakfast closes at 10am we’d been told”.

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