Vietnam Day 4

Our first day in Hoi An city was a bit of a Lazy day,  after moving about so much of late, its nice to be somewhere we can properly explore for a change, its here we are thinking of hiring a scooter later in the week to see what we can find, there appear to be many seperate and winding paths only wide enough for scooter or bicycles so will see where some of them lead.

Forgetting I was now sharing a room, I forgot to turn off my audible alarm clock overnight, and my “automated” alarm woke both me and my Travel buddy Mark up earlier than either one of us would have liked. As a result we only actually arose out of bed with about 10 mins left to grab breakfast “breakfast closes at 10am we’d been told”.

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Vietnam Day 2

Overnight  Train from Hanoi to Hue

after a very rocky completion to my 13hr Train ride, which arrived into Hue at 8:30 am the next day.

During my Train Station Pickup to my Hotel, I began contemplating, abandoning the Tombs tour we had scheduled for the day,  in favour of a fully sized and unmoving bed.  After a little  internal contemplation, the logic that i  may only be in this part of the world once prevailed after a fantastic breakfast provided by my new accomadation, “prior to me even completing checkin”  I’m amazed how friendly and exceedingly helpful the Vietnam hospitality staff have been to this point, i just love how thoughtful they are, and the restaurants are the same.

NZ hotels don’t even come close.

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Bitten off just a bit more than I can chew.

Well I’m at the end of day 2 now, but theres been so much going on I Havn’t even started my right up of Day 1 yet.  What an incredible  start to  my Holiday, not even sure  were to begin. I’ve met up with My mate now, In Hue.

Didn’t realise just how difficult and challenging it would be keeping to our rather tight pre-planned  itinery  and with all the moving about we’ve  been doing  this far, its been a challenge just keeping all my electronic devices charged, so they  can keep capturing photos and vids.    I’m transferring 21GB from my GoPro prsently,  when i’ll get to go through it all,  heaven knows.

Day 1 write up to follow after dinner tonight or if  not maybe tommorow night.

lol,  fun but so very busy of late.

Vietnam Day 0

Well I made it, but what an awesome experience it was.

Flying China Airlines the whole way, (free meals and coffee on all flights are just part of the service)

After Leaving Auckland Airport at 8:35pm Friday night, I had a 3hr flight and 2hr layover in Brisbane, a 9hr flight and 3hrs transfer in Taiwan “was more like 5 by the end”, and FYI you notice the smog immediately upon landing at the airport.” I wondered why i’d never noticed so many passengers beside me wearing masks earlier in the journey. Damn good thing I never had to leave the Airport, for anything.

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Final Pickup

After hours of circling the locksmiths abode scanning for the latest secret entrance, Peri finally dove for the slightest of cracks that had just now presented itself becoming ever wider as the former royal falcon made his approach, before disappearing completely once Peri was inside.  Allen was known for playing games with his secret entrances, but this one had taken Peri much much longer than normal,  and this fact ruffled his feathers even more than usual.
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Please check out my Good Friends New Album.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=443708968 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=78932907]
A Good Friend of Mine,  just released his EP ‘wildhorse”  which he dedicated to his first new born Son, Charlie, introduced to the world just last month. He’s Done one heck of a job on it,  so thought I’d better share the love,  least I can do.

Please check out the Full Album here.
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